Our Story

Oi stands for the Organic Initiative. We exist to remove plastics, synthetics, toxins and chemicals from hygiene products, starting with feminine hygiene. Our goal is to always be the Best in the World, and Best for the World.


Our products

Our pure and safe, certified organic cotton tampons, pads & liners and the zero waste Oi Cup are available where women expect to buy these products, and at affordable prices.

We aim to give choice by bringing the best and most sustainable available products to market, while always striving for even better products for you and our world.


Oi started our “revolution in a box” to inspire change for our world, one tampon or pad at a time in New Zealand, Aotearoa in 2015.

Oi is a New Zealand company led by a team of passionate, holistic women who aim to make big changes. We want to stand up for what’s right and make a difference in the world, by saying No to chemicals, synthetics and toxins and saying YES to natural organic alternatives, to make a better world for everyone. Oi stands for every woman and all people with periods. Oi stands for health and Oi stands for our world.

The world is groaning under the weight of toxins, plastics and chemicals. We only have one earth – there is no Plan B. With all the amazing technology are we really getting better? Health problems continue.

It makes sense to combine great technology with natural pure ingredients.

Oi supplies products for everyday people for everyday use. Each person who chooses Oi makes a difference in their lives and for their communities. 

By choosing Oi you are saying “Yes” to transparency, honesty and integrity, “Yes” to knowing what ingredients are in your products. You are saying “Yes” to your health, “Yes” to biodegradability, “Yes” to the planet, “Yes” to comfort and protection and organics.


We all want to be able to say
"I made a difference, I changed a life" because girls with dreams become women with vision.

Oi and you – making a difference together


Oi today

Oi is the fastest growing mainstream feminine hygiene brand in the New Zealand market according to AC Nielsen reports. Oi can be found in all leading supermarkets and The Warehouse, as well as a number of pharmacies and organic shops.

Award winning in sustainability, social responsibility and innovation at the New Zealand Innovation Awards, and “one to watch” in the Deloitte Fast 50 for the last two years, validates Oi’s unrivalled success in our Vision to change the world.

Oi entered the USA market in 2018 and can be found in numerous large and smaller retailers including almost all Walmart stores.

Who are we

Passionate for women’s health and for the health of our planet Oi’s amazing team is highly experienced and super motivated to truly make a difference. We are delighted everyday that more and more people are joining the Oi Revolution inspiring positive change everywhere.

Oi’s team is mostly made up of women it is incredibly diverse with a broad range of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our Board of Directors alone come from diverse industries in both executive (CEO) and governance roles including banking, entrepreneurship, environmental markets, technology, media, radio and TV. Oi’s Chief Medical Officer is one of New Zealand’s leading gynaecologists.