Privacy Policy

Organic Initiative

What personal information do we collect?

When you use this site we collect the following information which identifies you personally:

  • your name and contact details when you register with us
  • payment details if you store those in your account and when you make an order
  • delivery details you enter when you place an order
  • your product ordering history

In addition, your IP address and the device and operating system you use to interact with this site may be recorded by our system automatically.

Our site also uses cookies, which are small pieces of code that are loaded onto your device to tell us that you are a returning customer and how you interact with this site.

The above information is referred to in this policy as Personally Identifying Information, or PII for short.

Non personal information

We may also collect, use and share with third parties various information which does not identify you personally. We may aggregate users’ PII so that it does not identify you or any other particular user and use that information for our own purposes or supply it to third parties.

What do we do with this PII?

We keep PII as securely as our own confidential information. PII is stored at a secure data centre, located in central Auckland, NZ.

We use your PII solely to deliver our products and services to you and to constantly look at ways to improve the way we do that.

We do not share your PII with any third party other than as necessary to arrange delivery of your products or as required by law.  We may also share your PII in accordance with Privacy Act 1993, Information Privacy Principle 11, particularly where we consider there is a serious threat to your health involved.

We keep your PII as long as you are registered with us.  If our relationship comes to an end for whatever reason, we will delete your PII as soon as is practicable unless we need to retain it for legal reasons (e.g. for debt collection or other enforcement action)

Your right of access to and to request correction of PII

If you cannot download a copy of your PII for any reason, you can request that we provide this to you and we will do so as promptly as we can.

You can request that we correct any PII that we hold about you at any time.

Privacy breach

In keeping with our commitment to be honest and upfront with you, if we experience any security or other privacy breach which involves or might involve your PII, we will, as soon as reasonably practicable:

  • notify you
  • notify the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner’s Office
  • place public notifications in appropriate media channels where the breach involves multiple users
  • liaise with the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner’s Office and/or privacy and security experts we may appoint to do what we can to stop any continuing breach and address any issues arising.
  • keep you regularly informed of developments either directly or through appropriate media channels


This Privacy Policy v1.0 was adopted on 2/10/2015.