Cardboard Applicator Tampons


If you prefer tampons to pads, or are planning sports, swimming or any other activities where a tampon is required then the tampon range from Oi is the perfect choice.

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Size 6cm long x approximately 3.5cm in diameter & holds approximately 30mls.

Contains 12 Applicator Tampons


The only brand I use! These are a shining example of how cardboard applicator tampons don't have to be uncomfortable and how period products don't have to contribute to plastic waste.

Cate M

Just as absorbent as big brand tampons and much easier to put in than other cardboard applicator tampons.


Better than the competition. These tampons are great. I've used 3 other natural brands and these out-performed the competition


Naturally better than most cotton tampons. Does the job to my best advantage. Wish I knew about these some years ago. But better late than never recommend these products to whom do ever has sensitive skin


Great alternative to traditional tampons that end up in landfills. Scent free and easy to use!

Taylor Kunselman